New Year to Celebrate You!

January 8, 2018

New year, new you? How about, instead, new year, celebrate the best you! The new years usually inspires resolutions and change. People become obsessed with sticking to their resolutions… for about a month. But, this year, make it a priority, not a month-long resolution, to love yourself and celebrate what already makes you a unique individual. This way of living and philosophy of self love can carry into your wedding plans as well. Whether you are newly engaged (congratulations!) or are already deep into wedding planning, think about how you can use your wedding to celebrate what makes your relationship special and unique. Your wedding theme and decor can incorporate the things that brought you and your fiance together.

There are many things that can be used as inspiration. Maybe you bonded over your shared media interests, such as John Hughes movies or Harry Potter books. Or, perhaps you met at a party during an intense game of Pictionary. While these interests may seem insignificant to some people, they are what makes you and your fiance’s relationship unlike any other. This inspiration can be put into many different elements of your wedding. The lavender dress and flower crown Samantha wears while riding off in Jake Ryan’s red Porsche could be inspire the scheme for your bridesmaids. Or maybe your dance floor has “floating” candles above it like the Great Hall in Harry Potter. Your table markers could be framed Pictionary style drawings. There are many ways to include these references while keeping your wedding classy and romantic. The bouquets and boutonnieres could reference your favorite comic book. If you love playing Jenga together, your centerpieces could be flowers in a box made of Jenga pieces. If you love puzzles, create a dance floor in the shape of a puzzle piece. If you use your inspirations subtly and pair them with soft, romantic elements, you can keep the effect from being overwhelming and tacky. Inspiration from your interests as a couple can be applied to any element of your wedding from color theme to food to place cards. Your guests will love to see these references and how these quirks represent you as a couple.

Another inspiration to use are places that are significant in your relationship. This could be where you met, your favorite vacation together or where you were engaged. Imagine a wedding themed around the European vacation during which you fell in love or a photo backdrop designed after the park bench where your fiance proposed. Maybe the food is based on the restaurant where you had your first date. There are so many creative ways to incorporate these locations into the vibe of your wedding.

When you begin planning, brainstorm the different things that bring you together as a couple or places that are meaningful to you and your fiance. Then, decide which of these you would like to incorporate in your wedding. Have fun coming up with the interesting and different ways in which these inspirations can be applied to your wedding plans. This can be the entire theme of your wedding or it can be used for a fun, surprise element such as the seating chart and table indicators, entertainment during the reception or wedding favors. The most important thing is to have fun and stay true to what makes your and your fiance’s relationship special. Celebrate both of you this year and the many happy years to come!