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Creative Boutonnieres

When you think of weddings, you think of the bride, the groom and of course, flowers. It doesn’t matter what time of year, there are flowers for all seasons. The ladies carry bouquets that at some point in the evening are set down on the table. The groom and groomsmen wear them on their lapels […]

If The Shoe Fits…

I think it was Cinderella that said “the perfect shoe can change your whole life.” A woman may buy a new pair of shoes to go with her oh-so -cute outfit. Some women create their outfit around the perfect pair of shoes! Your wedding day is certainly not the right time to break in those […]

Pretty: Easy As…1, 2, 3

The thought of being a Bridesmaid or even Maid of Honor can be daunting when thinking of all of the tasks involved – everything from shopping for your dress, choosing a hair style and the shoes and accessories to go with it all. Here we’ve broken this down into 3 easy steps to make this […]

Bridal Veils

Birdcage, Blusher, Mantilla, Fingertip, Ballet or Waltz, Chapel or Cathedral? The fairytale version of the Veiling of the Bride was to signify purity, modesty and humility. It was an act of respect before God during this most sacred religious ceremony. For those who are superstitious it takes on a slightly different tone. The bride was […]

The perfect neckline
Tips to Finding the Perfect Neckline for your Body Type

Many of us have our favorite go-to pieces that we love to wear – whether it is a great blazer to pair with your boyfriend jeans or a statement necklace to pair with your cable-knit sweater that is just so comfy and warm for these chilly winter days. When it may seem so simple to […]