Pretty: Easy As…1, 2, 3

May 23, 2014

The thought of being a Bridesmaid or even Maid of Honor can be daunting when thinking of all of the tasks involved – everything from shopping for your dress, choosing a hair style and the shoes and accessories to go with it all. Here we’ve broken this down into 3 easy steps to make this process a breeze!

  1. The Perfect Dress Be familiar with what looks best on your body. Think of your favorite pieces in your closet – what do you like most? Is it the color, neckline, sleeve, silhouette? Share your thoughts with the Bride on what makes you feel comfortable. Who knows, this could even relieve some stress for her as well!
  2. Hair With so many styles to choose from, communication is key! Chat with the bride to find out if she has a preference on how she would like for your hair to be. Ask if she wants all of the gals in the bridal party to have similar styles or if you can choose your own. Think of how you like to wear your hair and what’s flattering on you.
  3. Accessories Once you have your perfect dress and hair style chosen, this can be the most fun step of this process! Accessories are a way to showcase your own personal style – bubble necklaces, drop earrings, bangle bracelets, cocktail rings, strappy sandals – the options are endless! As with the dress and hair style, discuss accessories with the bride to see if she has any ‘rules’ to be followed.