Pantone 2017 Season Pick “Greenery”

March 14, 2017

Pantone Inc was a commercial printing company located in NYC in the 1950’s

Fast forward to 1962, now in Carlstadt, NJ, a motivated, devoted employee of the company simplified the complete stock of pigments and colored inks. This “Pantone Matching System became the beacon or holy grail of colors. They essentially branded the color names and set the standard in the world of color

Everyone in their lifetime should have the pleasure of holding in their hot little hands the “Pantone Fan Deck” of colors…or at least something like it! You’re probably familiar with those cardboard sheets with the rainbow of colors, related colors and matching tints of color. Each color is assigned a very specific number, letter code…very scientific!

Pantone color choice for spring 2017 is… drum roll please…Greenery # 15-0343!!!

I guess I would call it color perception. I look at the color “Greenery” and I see a lime green. In a little experiment, I asked a few other people to look at this color swatch and name it. The names they gave were shamrock, clover, grassy meadow, Kermit the Frog green.

Moving along, you have the expressions; green with envy or jealousy, the green eyed monster. Save the Planet and “Go Green” Someone who is seasick or suffering from motion sickness turns green. Now to exhaust the list of green names: mint, asparagus, avocado, jungle, moss, fern, olive, kelly, Army, camouflage, pine and neon. The list is endless!

Green can be a casual reference to nature, spring and the outdoors. Twilights, Edward & Bella’s wedding scene…picture what looked like a fairytale in green. Lush green vines, draping wisteria flowers, dense ferns carpeting the ground and velvety green moss set the incredible stage for their nuptials… Real life, current day popularity, green succulents are holding strong as a décor choice for weddings. Picture garlands, arches and centerpieces of greenery. Green can also dictate something much more expensive such as emeralds and jade. Cleopatra and other royalty could well afford to adorn themselves with the emerald gemstone. Rare and expensive, their collections included necklaces, rings and crowns in glimmering green.

Over the years Hollywood has had its iconic green dresses. Gone with the Wind, 1940, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara in desperation pulled the velvet curtains right off the windows of her beloved plantation “Tara” and had a green dress made for her to wear to give the impression that she was still wealthy.

Let’s not forget Jennifer Lopez, Grammy Awards 2000. A statement made in watercolor shades of green Versace gown in silk chiffon with the plunging V neckline that extended to her navel!

Of course there was Keira Knightley’s Slinky Emerald Green organza silk and chiffon number that she wore in 2007 Atonement. Stunning with its spaghetti straps, low waist wrap and tie with a rear train and slit up the front.

In the K Couture world, if you’re a fan of the shades of green or you just want to follow the Pantone forecast, for look for Emerald, Pistachio and Hunter Green in our textured Softened Taffeta. You’ll love our Deluxe Satin and Chiffon in Deep Green! Your bridesmaids will be stunning and green with envy!