Bridal Veils

April 24, 2014

Birdcage, Blusher, Mantilla, Fingertip, Ballet or Waltz, Chapel or Cathedral?

The fairytale version of the Veiling of the Bride was to signify purity, modesty and humility. It was an act of respect before God during this most sacred religious ceremony.

For those who are superstitious it takes on a slightly different tone. The bride was vulnerable to enchantment or magic spells. The veil was worn to hide her from evil spirits. In some cultures, the veil worn was in bright flame colors to scare away any threats!

Arranged marriages were once the rage. These were more a business transaction and love wasn’t at the forefront. The groom was seeing his bride to be for the first time at the altar. The bride wore the veil just in case the groom didn’t like what he saw. The veil was a short term fix for the duration of the ceremony to save embarrassment. How rude! Most have heard of the saying, “love is blind”… not so much! Seems to me the groom’s attire needs some rethinking!

During the Victorian era, the bridal veil was a status symbol. The bride’s veil was a signature part of a proper wedding ceremony. Ceremony attendees would take notice of the fabric weight, quality and length of the veil that the bride wore. This indicated the family status if you will. Royal brides wore the longest veils and had the longest train on their gowns.

Today the veil is the beautiful finishing touch to complete the bridal look. It’s not just a veil. It is lace, crystals, beads and pearls. It pulls together the bridal hairdo and the dress.

Remember these two words while planning your wedding…details & accessorize!