Bridal Bootcamp

March 28, 2017

He’s gotten down on one knee and popped the question. You have of course said yes, and now you’re in full planning mode. Everything is coming along smoothly – the venue, the colors, the food. But maybe you’re just not quite happy with the way your perfect wedding dress fits. Everyone wants to feel amazing on their wedding day and sometimes we need just a little boost to get that good feeling.

Depending on the amount of time you have before your wedding date, you could have a complete body make over or just work on the little issue you worry about the most. If your timeline doesn’t allow you to go for a full transformation, your best bet is to target that one little area that you think needs improvement. Maybe your dress highlights your shoulders and arms and you want those to look stunning. Focusing on the area you know is going to show can give you an idea on what you need to accomplish.

To set yourself up for success, a smart move is to make goals. Start small so that when you accomplish it, you feel energized to keep going. Making your goals too difficult right out of the gate could set up you up for potential failure.

The word diet can bring up nasty images for some people and they can be hard to follow through. If you’re ready to diet, there are plenty of plans for you to try but always make sure you take care of your body in the process. It’s one thing to lose excess weight and another to quit eating altogether. If a full diet just isn’t for you, you can still cut out those high calorie treats.

There are so many delicious foods that are still healthy for you that can help curb cravings. Here are just a few that can help keep you full and still taste amazing!

      • Avocado
      • Almonds
      • Lemon
      • Spinach
      • Green Tea
      • Apples
      • Salmon
      • Black beans

An easy way to stay on track is keeping a food journal. Writing down anything that you eat, and what time you eat, will help you know what you are consuming and when you tend to indulge. Once you know how much you are eating, you can then look into where there is opportunity to cut back. Instead of having that sweet just after lunch, you can have a healthy and filling snack to keep you full until dinner.

If you’re looking for a yummy and healthy snack to keep you on track we love these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bites by Bless this Mess. They’re easy to make and so, so delicious!

A popular trend for weight loss is detoxing. This can get rid of water weight and help clean out your body of all those nasty toxins that can keep you down. A detox isn’t for everyone but if you’re feeling up to it, they can be a great way to have more energy and get rid of those last few stubborn pounds.

Exercising is the go to for weight loss and toning and getting the right routine can make all the difference. Try one that works with your skill level. Going too big to quickly can get you hurt or demotivate you into continuing. And be careful not to overdo it! Pushing too hard can cause you to strain or put too much pressure on your body. Getting in shape is an amazing feeling but getting an injury can put a hamper on your progress and motivation.

Below we have a fun (but challenging!) exercise routine that you can do at home or just about anywhere. And if it seems too easy for you, go through the rotation twice for more burn!

        • 100 crunches
        • 90 jumping jacks
        • 80 lunges (or leg lifts)
        • 70 squats
        • 60 sec jog in place
        • 50 sec plank
        • 40 jumping jacks
        • 30 squats
        • 20 high knees
        • 10 push ups

Getting a little pre-wedding workout gift can be that first kick to getting that look you want. A funny or cute wedding workout shirt can be just the thing to get you in the mood for a workout. There are tons of amazing ones on Etsy for you to shop through!

Don’t forget to reward yourself! Once you hit a goal, getting yourself a little prize can prove you are on the right track. It’s okay to splurge every so often! If you are dying for a piece of chocolate or a yummy dessert, go ahead! Enjoying a treat every once and awhile is good motivation for you to keep going.

Your wedding will be amazing no matter how you look but we get it if you need a little boost to feel your best! The important thing to remember is this will be the happiest day of your life and sometimes looking good can make all the difference.