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Hi, I’m Kayla Lowery, the founder of K Couture. I’m so excited to share K Couture with you and I hope that we can help you to find or create the perfect formalwear for your occasion! K’s Corner is filled with trends, tips & tricks to help you plan your occasion and find the perfect outfit for you!

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New Year to Celebrate You!

New year, new you? How about, instead, new year, celebrate the best you! The new years usually inspires resolutions and change. People become obsessed with sticking to their resolutions… for about a month. But, this year, make it a priority, not a month-long resolution, to love yourself and celebrate what already makes you a unique […]

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Shopping Tips for the Perfect Fit!

The elegant Audrey Hepburn once said, “happy girls are the prettiest.” While I do agree with Ms. Hepburn, I also believe that sometimes the perfect outfit can help give the extra boost of confidence and happiness that makes a woman feel the most beautiful. One of those times should be on your wedding day. If […]

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Treasure the Memories

From the moment you say yes to your first step down the aisle, you want to remember everything about planning your wedding: the first bridal magazine, the phone calls to your mom asking for advice, finding your dress, testing cake. Each part of planning your wedding will create special memories that will stay with you […]

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You Light up my Life- Lighting tips for your big day!

The tables are set, your dress is perfectly corseted, the bridal bouquet is in your hands. Now it’s time to dim the lights and walk down the aisle. Lighting can have a huge impact on the mood and overall vibe of your wedding. You can have the most gorgeous venue, beautiful flower arrangements and perfect […]

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Destination “I Do”

When planning a wedding, there are so many things to consider. The most important decision after choosing the wedding date is deciding on the location. One of the most romantic ways to celebrate your love is with a destination wedding. Take a moment, picture saying “I do” on a gorgeous beach in Mexico or in […]

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No “I Do” without a “Thank You”

Engagement? Check. Bridal shower? Check. Bachelorette party? Check. Rehearsal Dinner? Done. Wedding day? Best day ever! Honeymoon? Relaxing and romantic! Now you and your new husband are ready to start your life together, right? Well, not just yet. There is one more important task that must be done before you can forget everything and fall […]