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8 Reasons

K Couture is the best place for your Wedding Party or Special Occasion attire!

One of a kind dresses made to order

Want bridesmaid dresses with sleeves? We've got you covered. Need a larger or smaller size than most places carry? Don't even worry. We'll work with you to find or create that perfect dress, no matter how crazy your needs may be. It's all made to order, just for you!

Attire for the whole wedding party

The struggle to find menswear to perfectly match your dress is real. At K Couture, we design and sew all of our dresses, and most of our menswear in house, which means your entire wedding party can wear the exact same fabric. No "almost matching" colors here!

All dresses are made in the USA

All of our dresses and most of our menswear are made in our very own K Couture Headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. Staying local not only helps to grow our economy and community, but gives us full control over the quality of our products to ensure you receive the quality you pay for!

Additional sizes available

"One size fits all" is not in our vocabulary. We understand that everyone is built differently and our job is to HELP you find the perfect fit. With our extended plus sizes, junior sizes, and the ability to create a complete custom dress for an unconventional fit, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Affordable pricing

With custom dresses starting at $85 and full menswear packages starting at $99, we don't know anyone who can beat our prices while still maintaining the highest quality. How do we do it? We make our products ourselves so no one is raising prices on us and we won't raise prices on you.

Fast turnaround

Need a dress ASAP? With our stylists, production, sewing, and customer service teams all working in the same building, things can happen fast! Plan to have your item in your hands in less than 8 weeks! Need it even faster? Give us a call and we may be able to pull some strings!

Fabric swatches

Ordering directly from a computer without seeing the fabric yourself, it's scary, we totally get it! That's exactly why we offer fabric swatches so you can touch, feel or match the fabric before you make the purchase!


Free Shipping: Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we offer free shipping anywhere within the United States! That's right, from New York to California and everywhere in between; we'll send it to you for free!


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